syncftp FAQ

Simon Howard, Jon Dowland


  1. what is it?
  2. where can i get it?
  3. who's making it?
  4. what features will it have?
  5. what platforms will it run on?
  6. source code?
  7. can i help out?

what is it?

An ftp client. The difference between this and ordinary ftp clients is that it is totally automatic. It works by using the ftp directory to 'mirror' a directory on your local hard drive. If you make a change to your (web) site then you just run it and it uploads the changed files to the server.

where can i get it?

You can grab the sources from the CVS repository. We haven't supplied any precompiled binaries yet, sorry.

who's making it?


what features will it have

  • totally automatic (see above)
  • GPL licensed, 100% opensource
  • Support for ftp at first but we aim to add support for ssh/scp later on if possible
  • Standard-compliant portable code

what platforms will it run on

The code written so far runs on:
  • Win32 (cygwin)
  • Linux
  • Solaris/SunOS
  • Irix
  • BSD
  • MacOS X
if possible we will support:
  • QNX
  • BeOS
  • OS/2
if you can help test or develop for any of the above systems please email Simon

source code

Check the CVS repository from the Sourceforge project page.

can i help out?

email Simon if you are interested in helping out.